Crypto-currencies have been attracting a lot of interest in recent years, so much so that 19% of the population declares having bought Bitcoin since its invention in 2009. Today, Bitcoin’s the trading volume has surpassed 50 billion.

The craze for crypto-currencies continues to grow, but for many people, investing in these digital assets remains a challenging journey.

In fact, this type of investment requires both perseverance and certain a knowledge in order to be able to create a portfolio, buy/sell and track one’s investments. Beyond the knowledge acquisition aspect, many cryptophiles completely avoid both the psychological and strategic aspects. Yet, one does not go without the other.

Our value proposition

Bitcue revolutionizes the access to the world of crypto-currencies thanks to a brand new personalized onboarding process for users who wish to invest easily and serenely while benefiting from a real return on investment worthy of the most experienced investors.

Thanks to Bitcue, intelligently and simply build your crypto-currency portfolio according to your targets. You will receive timely reports on your portfolio's performance. Bitcue offers you the digital assets that match your profile and takes care of the blockchain transactions to provide you with the best user experience.

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