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After registration, you will be asked a series of questions to determine your risk tolerance and knowledge in the field of investment.
Tailor-made portfolio
Following the profile questionnaire, we will propose pre-composed portfolios with different risk levels in which you can invest. If you prefer to manage the allocation of your wallet yourself, this will also be possible.
Detailed reports
In order to keep track of your performance, we will provide you with a full monthly report on the status of your account, it also possible for you to request one at any time from your user space.
Investment assistance
To help you make the right choice, each crypto-currency listed on our platform will be accompanied by a detailed description with various indicators including a volatility index redefined regularly.
Debit card
A debit card attached to your Bitcue current account will be offered so that you can pay in crypto-currencies wherever you go. Partnerships to enable this feature to become reality are underway!
Automated DCA investment
Investing on a recurring basis is one of the best ways to build a solid portfolio, we fully understand this and that's why you'll be able to schedule automatic payments directly into your Bitcue investment account. These funds will then be spread over various crypto-currencies depending on the composition of your portfolio.