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Who is it for?

Bitcue simplifies investing in crypto-currencies and is intended for all investor profiles.
Depending on the level of expertise defined for each user, the platform offers advanced investment solutions for:
Beginners (in priority): easy access and security!
- Difficulty to access first investments.
- Difficulty to choose cryptos without an investment strategy.
- Accessibility is relatively technical as many give up in front of the complexity of the platforms.
Intermediaries (in priority): optimize and secure your earnings!
- Diversification of crypto portfolio.
- Analysis and automatic securing of gains in the event of success.
- Personalized management with access to analysis and specialized advice.
- Portfolio optimization by investing at the right entry points.
- Securization of profits.
Then, afterwards...
- Confirmed investors: diversify and save time: for confirmed investor, Bitcue will allow to have a quality common core and to be able to continue to trade your favorite stocks without worrying about the rest of your portfolio, quite like a "core/satellite" management.