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Here is the list of the members who are currently part of our project.

Faurest LUPINE

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
French entrepreneur, he studied computer science at the école 42 in Paris and then worked as a DevOps engineer in a large French investment bank. During that time he also launched various projects such as hydrochain.org, une SSII still in operation today.


Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder
In his last year of business school at ESSEC Business School, Nabil acquired various experiences in Management and Business Strategy within several industrial groups.


Chief Financial Officer
Cédric holds a Master's degree in Finance, with a specialization in collective savings. He has gained experience in various companies as a Middle Officer in alternative management, equity fund manager, graphic analyst and wealth management consultant.

Florian CARRÉ

Chief Technical Officer
Former student of école 42 in Paris. After having been a freelancer for a few years, Florian participated in the launch of several projects. Florian is currently the technical manager of a project for an energy company in Paris. He has acquired experience in tech project launch by working with Faurest on many side projects.

Flavian MAGRIT

Developpeur Front-End
Holder of a BTS (French system) and currently in Master. Flavian has acquired experience in front-end development through freelance missions. Today Flavian has been able to enter as a developer in a world-renowned company.


Back-End developer
Software engineer and community leader for 2 years at a giant retailer of sports products. Passionate about architecture, agile practices, sharing. Motivated by the development of projects bringing comfort and performance to their users. Inspired by the craftsmanship movement.

Florian LELONG

Community Manager
Used to creating / managing communities around various interests such as video games, technology or education, Florian actively participates in the development of the project on social medias.