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We also plan to reserve 15% of the total number of tokens for the founding team and the ICO development team and 5% reserved for our marketing campaign. The total number of tokens will therefore be distributed as follows:
Quantity of investor's tokens
Quantity of founder's tokens
900 000 000 XBQ
125 000 000 XBQ
55 000 000 XBQ
1 180 000 000 XBQ
Concerning the tokens reserved for the founders and other pre-ICO members, we set them to be frozen for a period of three months following the listing of the token on the exchanges, followed by an unlocking of 10% each subsequent month.
Token utility and burn
Tokens not sold at the end of the three phases of the ICO will be burned. Of course, in order to keep the 80%/15%/5% ratio, those reserved for founders will be burned proportionally.
Once our platform is accessible to all, users will be able to reduce their costs by using their $XBQ.
The tokens thus collected will be partially burned up to a maximum of 1% per quarter, until reaching 50% of the total volume of burned tokens.
Our token will be issued on the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP20 token.